Custom Tables

Custom Tables

Made in U.S.A. – Built to Order

Your source for beautiful solid wood tables. You’ll find farmhouse, kitchen and conference room tables handcrafted with the finest locally sourced woods in true craftsmen tradition.

Break away from the ho-hum ready-made tables found in most stores. Now a distinctly more decorative solution is available. We combine the finest woods, craftsmanship and finishes with your ideas for a table. Bring on the challenge of design. Your table design will be limited only by your imagination!

Our built to order tables are available in regular sizes or a size created just for you, reclaimed wood tables or made with pine, cherry, walnut, tiger maple, oak and other fine woods. You’ll find the largest selection of extra long and extra large dining room tables. Tables that are perfect for today’s larger homes, conference room or restaurant. Our smaller tables incorporate all the same elements of design….and shapes do matter, rectangle, round or square, there will be one that works best for you. Our wood tables with their sturdy finishes are perfect for families and hard wear, restaurant table tops made of reclaimed wood are practically indestructible. Plus they make an elegant statement no matter where they are used.

Find the solid wood table of your dreams, each is unique and can be used in many situations, depending on style and finish. The beauty of our custom-built tables is not in their perfection but rather in their individuality, quality, and durability. Make sure you check out our dining chairs and benches as well!